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Dr Kedar Samant

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It can often be a struggle to find a dentist who you can truly trust to provide you with the dental care to maintain the best possible version of your oral health, but with Dr Kedar Samant, you got exactly that. Dr Kedar is a seasoned dentist who has dedicated nearly three decades to the compassionate care of his patients with the help of a deep breadth of knowledge in his work, handling everything from dental trauma to complex dental surgeries, and root canal procedures with precision and a gentle touch.

As an experienced professional, Dr Kedar Samant is your trusted partner for you to receive complete care under one roof ensuring that you don’t have to travel to Melbourne for your dental treatments. He provides on-site denture services and after-hours emergency dental care meaning no referrals. However, it’s more than just technical skill that makes Dr Kedar such a reliable dentist, it’s his unwavering commitment to his patients responding to all dental needs.

shepparton dentist

As a preferred dentist for Bupa, HCF and CBHS, and a provider who accepts Victorian Government vouchers like VDS, Dr Kedar strives to ensure dental care is accessible to all who need it.

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Dr Kedar’s Philosophy

shepparton dentist

Dr Kedar believes that nobody in Shepparton or the surrounding areas should have to endure a night’s sleep with a toothache. This commitment shapes the empathetic approach with which he practises dentistry every day.

Dental anxiety is a very real concern and Dr. Kedar prioritises the well-being of his patients above all else. He provides an empathetic ear to any concerns, ensuring a calming and reassuring presence during treatment.

Dr Kedar’s philosophy revolves around providing compassionate, high-quality dental care that values and respects each patient’s unique needs and circumstances. This approach keeps his patients at the heart of everything he does.

Your Preferred Bupa Dentist

Dr Kedar Samant takes pride in being a Bupa preferred dentist, a recognition that reflects the high standards of care provided at his clinic. This partnership with Bupa ensures that patients can make the most out of their health insurance benefits whilst also receiving the best possible dental services in Shepparton. Furthermore, Dr Kedar is also a preferred provider for HCF and CBHS.

Additionally, Dr Kedar accepts Victorian Government vouchers such as the Victorian Denture Scheme (VDS) and accepts all major health funds under HICAPS. Dr Kedar also offers flexible payment plans including Afterpay and NDP increasing the accessibility of dental care for everyone in Shepparton and the surrounding regions.

Special Interests

Dr Kedar Samant has several areas of particular special interest in his wide catalogue of skills. He firstly has a particular interest in managing dental trauma, a field that requires knowledge and precision. This extends to complex dental surgeries, where his wealth of experience comes to the fore in delivering procedures in the safest possible manner.

Root canal procedures are another area where Dr Kedar shines. His ability to provide comprehensive root canal treatments means patients can receive this care with a trusted dentist. Finally, he provides on-site denture services meaning comprehensive, convenient care for patients in Shepparton without having to travel lengthy distances to Melbourne.

These special interests, combined with a patient-centric approach, showcase Dr Kedar’s dedication to serving his patients with high-quality, personalised dental care.