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Wisdom Teeth Removal in Shepparton

Tooth extractions session in Shepparton Dentist

We understand that the thought of tooth extraction can be daunting, and it’s something we don’t take lightly. Preserving your natural teeth is at the heart of everything we do at Dr. Kedar’s clinic.

However, we know that it’s not always possible to save your natural tooth and for the sake of your overall oral health, a tooth extraction may become necessary. Whether it’s severe decay, irreparable damage, overcrowding or impacted wisdom teeth, rest assured that if removal is the best course of action, Dr. Kedar will handle it with the utmost care and precision.

Surgical wisdom teeth extraction may often be necessary as these teeth can sometimes lead to complications like crowding, or infection. Dr. Kedar knows that this can be an uncomfortable experience and therefore does his best to give you the relaxing care you need during a wisdom tooth extraction along with sedative options such as laughing gas to ease your experience.

Dr. Kedar’s gentle, empathetic approach combined with his extensive experience of simple to complex teeth extractions ensures your procedure will be as safe, efficient, and virtually pain-free as possible. It’s not just about the extraction; it’s about ensuring you are comfortable, your concerns are addressed, and your overall well being is maintained. With Dr. Kedar, you’re not just getting professional dental care, you’re getting a dentist that truly cares about your smile and your health.

Wisdom Teeth Removal in Shepparton

Wisdom teeth, the last set of teeth to emerge in your mouth, often surface during late teens or early adulthood. However, they sometimes bring complications along with them. While some individuals experience no issues, others may face discomfort, pain, or even serious oral health issues due to these late arrivals. Yet, in Dr. Kedar’s experienced and caring hands, you can rest assured your surgical wisdom teeth extraction will be as comfortable, efficient, and virtually pain-free as possible. Remember, we’re here to help you maintain your oral wellbeing, even when it means removing troublesome wisdom teeth. Your comfort and health are at the heart of what we do. We’re with you every step of the way, providing empathetic, patient-centred care.

Virtually Painfree Tooth Removal

With Dr. Kedar Samant, your comfort is always the highest priority. Through the optional use of sedatives such as laughing gas, we ensure a virtually pain-free extraction experience, minimising discomfort at every step.

Furthermore, after your extraction, we offer concise, meaningful care instructions for a speedy recovery. From diet recommendations to oral hygiene tips, our guidance is designed to facilitate your healing process.

Our empathetic, professional team stands ready to answer questions and assist you throughout your recovery. For any kind of tooth removal, Dr. Kedar is dedicated to maintaining your oral health.

What's Next After Tooth Extraction?

Following tooth extraction,it’s essential to consider replacements to restore your oral health and aesthetics if the extracted tooth was of functional purpose. At Dr. Kedar Samant’s clinic, we offer diverse options to suit your unique needs.

Dental Implants: Providing a long-term solution, implants mimic a natural tooth in form and function. Surgically placed in the jawbone, they also help prevent bone loss, a common consequence of tooth extraction.

Dentures: Custom-made, removable appliances that effectively replace several missing teeth or even an entire arch. They offer comfort and functionality at a cost-effective rate.

Bridges: As the name suggests, bridges ‘fill’ the gap left by a missing tooth, using adjacent teeth as anchors. This less invasive solution restores both function and aesthetics.

While dentures and bridges are more cost-effective, implants provide lasting benefits, including promoting gum and bone health. Dr. Samant will guide you to the best decision for your oral health and lifestyle.


The cost of wisdom teeth removal can vary based on a number of factors, including but certainly not limited to the number of teeth that need to be removed. Dr. Kedar Samant is committed to making dental care accessible for everyone and therefore offers a range of flexible payment plans to help distribute the cost over a period of time, including Afterpay and NDP.

We also accept all major health funds under HICAPS and are preferred providers for BUPA, HCF and CBHS. We believe everyone deserves quality dental care, and our transparent pricing and flexible payment options reflect this. We encourage scheduling a consultation for more information.

Recovery from a tooth extraction can vary but generally takes 1-2 weeks for initial healing and up to a few months for complete recovery. During this time you can expect some discomfort and swelling but nothing unmanageable. Dr. Kedar provides detailed instructions and ongoing support for a smooth recovery.
Post wisdom tooth extraction, you may experience temporary swelling, discomfort, and mild bleeding, which are normal. You also will likely need to consume soft foods for a few days whilst your teeth are sensitive. Dr. Kedar’s team ensures you are provided with detailed aftercare instructions and the necessary medications to manage these symptoms and give you a smooth recovery.
Not all wisdom teeth require extraction. If they are healthy, fully erupted, properly aligned, and can be cleaned as part of daily hygiene practices, they can often be left in place. However, if they cause problems or disease, extraction might be necessary. Dr. Kedar will provide a thorough examination to decide the best course of action.
Tooth extractions session in Shepparton Dentist
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