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Dental implany Procedure in Shepparton Clinic

Dental implants are the perfect solution for replacing missing teeth regardless of whether you need a single tooth or full-arch restoration. They are an excellent long-term and durable solution for teeth restoration with natural-looking results. We use the latest and the most effective technology including the revolutionary CBCT 3D imaging that is more advanced, much safer for you and gives the benefit of accuracy and precision.

You don’t have to travel to Melbourne for a quality diagnosis and treatment. It’s all made locally available for you at our Shepparton dental clinic.

All the way from your initial consultation to during the procedure and post-procedure care, Dr Kedar, your trusted Shepparton dental implant dentist is dedicated to ensuring you have a positive, worry-free experience to give you a brighter, healthier smile.

Are Dental Implants Necessary?

Deciding whether dental implants are right for you largely depends on your own oral health needs and of course what you want for your smile. Dental implants for many can play a vital role in replacing your teeth and restoring natural functionality. This includes replacing your missing teeth with an aesthetically pleasing and durable solution. They can also help to prevent bone loss by providing the necessary stimulation your jawbone needs to function. Dental implants also provide support for the surrounding teeth ensuring that your teeth maintain the proper alignment, allowing you to speak naturally, chew easier and bring back the confidence from your smile. Dr. Kedar, your dentist serving the Shepparton and nearby community can provide you with a comprehensive consultation to work with you and determine if dental implants are the right treatment for you.

Why Dental Implants Are Better Alternatives to Bridges and Dentures for Missing Teeth

Dental implants for many can be the perfect alternative to bridges and dentures for a missing teeth solution. Unlike bridges and dentures, implants are able to replicate the entire structure of a tooth, including the root, helping to promote jawbone stimulation and also reducing bone loss. Additionally, implants unlike bridges don’t require any trimming of the surrounding teeth, allowing you to preserve the natural structure of your teeth. Furthermore, because dental implants function like natural teeth they allow you to eat whatever foods you like, ensuring you can enjoy your life as normal.

Implants can often be more durable than dentures and bridges, often lasting a lifetime, through durability and stable and secure fit. However, the ultimate choice depends on your oral health condition. Dr. Kedar Samant treats all patients from Shepparton and the surrounding areas, providing you with thoughtful care throughout the procedure to ensure you understand all the options available, enabling you to make the best decision for your specific circumstances.

Insurance Options and Payment Plans

Everyone deserves proper dental treatment and our flexible payment plans ensure that you can get the dental treatment you need. We accept all major health funds under HICAPS and are preferred providers for BUPA, HCF and CBHS, allowing you to make the most of your dental healthcare plans. We offer 0% interest free flexible payment options such as NDP and Afterpay, allowing you to pay for your treatment in instalments after you’ve had it. We also offer CDBS and VEDS plans to make dental treatment open to everybody.


The cost of dental implants in Shepparton varies depending on the complexity of the procedure. However, you can manage the cost of your dental implants through flexible payment plans such as NDP and Afterpay and through any major health fund under HICAPS. Contact Dr. Kedar Samant today for a consultation and we’ll be happy to discuss payment options with you.

Dental implants are designed to be a long-term solution for missing teeth and, with proper care, can last for many years and often, a lifetime. Maintaining good oral hygiene and regular dental check-ups can prevent complications with your dental implants, ensuring they last as long as possible.
Dr. Kedar Samant ensures that you are comfortable whilst receiving your dental implants, ensuring that you are pain-free during the procedure. You are also able to receive happy gas for the duration of the procedure, making it a painless, anxiety-free experience. If you experience any discomfort after the procedure, Dr. Kedar will provide you with comprehensive post-procedure care instructions to manage any discomfort while you recover.
Dental implany Procedure in Shepparton Clinic
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